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New idea, new project. God I hope it works!

Posted on: April 2, 2013

God has blessed us with creative minds and I’m so grateful for that.  Lately I have been thinking on other things that we can do to make a profit and save for our treatment.  We are still on board with the pastries business, it has been slow but we had a couple of orders last week. We even got a ten dollars donation from one of our customers. 🙂  But the reality is that we need to save and save and save, yes we need to do it!  And we are working on that. We have always trust Jehovah Jireh and He has never forsake us. He has supplied all our needs and we are trusting him with this one too. The bible says that He owns the silver and the gold and the best thing is that He wants to bless us with what He owns.

Well, I have a new fundraiser idea. A new project to develop in hopes of selling something that will help us make a profit and save for our treatment. I design and create jewelry so I’m planning to make a symbolic bracelet made of semi precious stones with a charm in remembrance of the hope to conceive. My plan is to sell this bracelet to those future mommies that like me, are struggling with infertility and are praying for children. And also to those that have conceive and lost their babies and would like to have a memento, a keepsake in memory of the babies. My intention is not to take advantage of anyone’s pain (just in case) but to create something beautiful that can be a special piece of memory.  After all people buy things like this all the time to remember something or someone special.
I pray and hope that this idea works, that people could see the purpose behind it and support it.

Here is a draft of the charm for the bracelet >>Image


6 Responses to "New idea, new project. God I hope it works!"

Yeah Flo! I think it’s an absolutely cool idea! Go for it! YAY!!!!! I liked those bracelets!

Aww! Lily thank you for supporting me. You are like a cheerleader! I will show pictures as soon as I make the first ones. 🙂

I would purchase one of these bracelets. My best friend has been struggling with infertility for 6 years. She doesn’t even know if she can get pregnant because she never has been. My youngest turned 3 in December and I cried for days before I could work up the courage to call and tell her I was pregnant. I was irrationally scared that she was going to hate my guts and never talk to me again. Of course, she’s a much better person than that! But she is still praying.

Hi Mandi,
Thank you so much for your message! It is so encouraging to know that someone would purchase one. Plus I think is so kind of you to think about your best friend and her struggle. Infertility is a very painful condition.
The bracelets are in process. I’m working on more ideas for the charms and waiting for the metal to be delivered. I will let you know as soon as they are done!

What a beautiful idea, and a beautiful intention! I’ve been thinking of buying a necklace off of Etsy with a similar stamped note, to remind me to stay patient and hopeful. I would love to buy one of your bracelets when you’re ready to sell them!

Thank you so much! 🙂 I hope to have them ready before summer.

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