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About Us

Thank you for stopping by to read our story.

We have been married for almost six years and have always dreamed with having children. We decided to let nature takes it course in this area until we noticed that time was passing, we were getting older and not conceiving.  We knew something was “wrong” so we decided to seek professional help. When I turned 30 and my husband turned 35 we visited a fertility clinic near our area.  We met with specialists, learned about infertility conditions and started the process. After we both had different tests, we met with our doctor who told us that according to science, we are an infertile couple. I say according to science because we have never accepted that label. We believe in miracles, I know it sound crazy for some, but we do. Many years ago God performed a miracle in my health, but that’s another story :).  We were very sad with the news that we received, but we were not shocked. The doctor told us that our only chance to conceive our own children was through IVF.  That was the hardest part for me!  I read a lot and I knew that IVF have and incredible bad stigma.  Couples who go through IVF often get criticize for “using science” to have children instead of adopting.  In our case, we have always want to have biological children prior to adopting.

We decided to give the situation to God and pray for an answer.  We couldn’t afford treatment and our health insurance did not have coverage. We prayed and waited for a year until we received an answer.  In 2011 we received the money to start treatment, it was a great miracle and a blessing!  IVF treatment is very expensive.  In August our journey began and we started our first IVF round.  Treatment was a success and we conceived but sadly we lost our babies at seven weeks.  After that we took a small break and in January 2012 we tried again with our two last frozen embryos.  We conceived again and at eight weeks we lost our babies.  These were the hardest months of our lives. We were devastated.  I can not write here all the details of our painful journey.  This was a roller coaster of emotions and we were handling all this alone.  We felt like we couldn’t share it with people because it was too hard and delicate.  Only a few of our most close friends and family members knew about it.

Today, more than a year since our journey began, we have decided to share our “secret” and type our story.  We are thankful that God has let us lived this experience. We have learned a lot from it and it has made us stronger.

We know we will have our dreamed babies. We see them in our minds and heart, we talk about them often, we pray for them, we have picked several names, and we are waiting for them with open arms.

We are ready to start treatment again but we don’t have the funds to do it. We had open a fundraising account in youcaring.com with the hope that people will be touch by our story and help us with this dream.  It has been a huge step for us because we are very private and we know we might be criticized for this, but we have nothing to lose.  We have humbled ourselves and pray that those who read our story, first will pray for our journey, and second will help us however they can.

Please keep coming to read more of this journey until we conceive Our Dreamed Babies!

Many Blessings from above!

If you desire to help us with a donation, please visit our fundraising page:


4 Responses to "About Us"

Joining you in prayer and believing God’s miracle is coming soon.

Thank you so much Debbie. We need the prayers!

We are with you in prayer, friend!

Olivia thank you so much!

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