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“Then I answered them, and said unto them, The God of heaven, he will prosper us; therefore we his servants will arise and build.” Nehemiah 2:20

This week while reading my bible I came to that scripture and it caught my attention. I really like the fact that in that verse (which is incomplete here), Nehemiah was talking in faith. He was talking to the people about rebuilding and he was talking in great faith. He said that God will prosper them and that they will arise and build. Short and simple but that is a big lesson.

I love to talk about faith and I believe in having a “crazy” faith. That’s how we should speak, declaring for our future the blessings of God. Today is the day of our first pastry sale, I declare that our God, the loving Father that we serve, the one who sees our efforts, will put His favor upon us and we will have success with this “business”. Amen!


Today I officially started the pastries “business”. Is like an adventure, but without the fun! Last week we thought about baking and selling pastries in order to save funds for our dream. We talked, we planned, we came up with some ideas and I went shopping for all the ingredients. All that was very easy, but baking the pastries and preparing the cute bags is another story, not easy. It took me hours to get 15 bags ready! It’s lots of work. Our plan is to take them to my mother in law restaurant and sell them at the counter when people goes to pay their bill. I know they are delicious and I hope they sell!  They will have a little tag with an explanation on the front, and on the back the ingredients and a liability statement (for just in case).

If this first try works out good and people likes them, we will continue with the sale. We pray that everyone goes well.

This is a picture of one the “pastelillos” bag>>




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