Our Dreamed Babies


Patience! I need that God!

These days I have been thinking over and over about being patient. As a Christian believer I know that patience is one of the Fruit of the Spirit and is an attribute that we should have in our walk with God. I can honestly say that I agree with Galatians 5:22 but I struggle with being patient. Yes I do. Oh how difficult is to be patient all the time!

In this journey to conceive our dreamed babies is really hard to be patient. I know that my Father God knows that, He knows my character and feelings so He knows that I’m struggling with waiting in Him. I know I’m not the only person or Christian that struggles with this. Most of the time when we pray for something we hope to receive it right away. It is in our human nature to expect things to happen when we want them. And is so hard to be patient!

The more and more I think about this dream of becoming parents, I get impatient. I can’t help it! The reality is that we are getting older so time and age are against us. Plus, this HUGE desire inside of us is so difficult to contain. I pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to help us wait while being patient.

Psalm 40:1 Is one of my favorite verse because it helps me deal with my impatience and it assures me that the Lord hears me. Thank you Father!

I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. (NIV)


Be strong & courageous!

This is a word for me. I knew it when I read it today!

Since my husband and I started our fundraiser page to ask for donations we have had this feeling of insecurity and have been afraid of sharing it with the world. We only put the link here but we have not told people about it. It took us months to make the decision to open that page and reveal our “secret” to ask for donations. It was a huge step for us and we prayed about it. Before we created the fundraiser we thought about all the couples that had struggle with infertility and like us didn’t have the finances for treatment and sought for help. I have read many successful stories of couples that received great donations and saved for the treatment they needed it. I guess they did not pay attention to the judgment and criticism of others, and admire that.

I would like to be courageous about this and not afraid of sending it to our family members and friend. I need to trust God and make this verse real in this situation that we are living!


I posted yesterday that my husband and I were about to start our new “business venture” in faith. It was our first time selling my pastries at my in laws restaurant and to our surprised, it went great! God is awesome! I sold all the bags that I prepared and people asked for more. Now I have a new order to prepare because the restaurant’s employees even want to buy more of them.

Baking these “pastelillos” is a lot of work but is all worth the sacrifice for our dreamed babies. 🙂 So help me God.